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Welcome to IMATEQ Italiaintelligent maintenance technologies

IMATEQ Italia is a young, but well-positioned, supplier of locomotive maintenance and services in the Italian market, founded in 2017 in Rivalta Scrivia in the Province of Alessandria – as one of the European service locations of Vossloh Rolling Stock, the long-standing company based in northern Germany.

Vossloh Rolling Stock has produced diesel locomotives for a hundred years and developed into an all-round service provider for diesel-traction rail vehicles. The company is now also successfully operating in Italy with its own centre and mobile service.

IMATEQ Italia offers Italian customers of Vossloh Rolling Stock and, optionally, operators of other manufacturers’ locomotives a comprehensive workshop and maintenance service. The team of experts, which is optimally connected with Vossloh Rolling Stock and the other national subsidiaries, offers an extensive service and maintenance portfolio, including innovative concepts, state-of-the-art technology and endless dedication, for companies in the rail freight transport and infrastructure industries, particularly those which build and maintain railway tracks. IMATEQ Italia therefore ensures reliable, efficient and resource-saving operation of rail vehicles, all the while observing current legal and regulatory frameworks.

Maintaining values with sustainable service

Rail vehicles, which represent a significant investment, can only be operated profitably if high availability and stable performance are ensured at all times. Our service guarantees long-lasting reliability and value that stands the test of time, which is why regular maintenance, prompt repair and consistent updating throughout the entire life cycle play a key role in maintaining the value of a locomotive over the decades and ensuring reliable, low-consumption operation without sacrificing performance.

IMATEQ Italia has dedicated itself entirely to this service standard – with its experienced staff and extensive technical equipment: with 6,000 square metres of space, the IMATEQ premises at the Katoen Natie terminal offer plenty of scope for future challenges. In addition to two cranes, each with a load capacity of 20 tonnes, there are also hydraulic jacks, a washing station, cutting-edge tools and equipment along four tracks measuring 80 metres in length, access to a test track over 400 metres long and service vehicles for mobile assignments.

Depending on requirements, all the service modules are available as individual services, as customised service packages and as part of full-service contracts. Whether you opt for a fixed price or monthly rate, we offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs even when it comes to payment methods.


  • On call throughout the country
  • Fast response times, certified specialists
  • Spare parts can be ordered via the B2B platform in accordance with the framework contract


  • General inspections, brake assessments and accident repair
  • Repair of bogies, brake components, refrigeration systems, hydrostatic servo drives, wheelsets and final drives, diesel engines and hydraulic drives
  • Corrective repair work


  • Update of train safety systems
  • Upgrading auxiliary generators

Strategic hubLocation

With its Rivalta Scrivia service location, IMATEQ has opted for a strategically located hub for freight transport and shunting projects of all kinds, making IMATEQ conveniently accessible from all over the country.

The use of mobile workshops and the partnership with qualified suppliers according to the ANSF Decree 04/2012 allows to intervene quickly with customers, ensuring territorial coverage both nationally and in neighbouring countries.



Strada Comunale Savonesa 12/16
Interporto di Rivalta
Offices: building 39 - Workshop: building 60
15057 Tortona – Fr. Rivalta Scrivia - AL

Phone  + 39 (0131) - 850167
Fax      + 39 (0131) - 850190